Sandra Moore is the Principal of Sandra Moore Consulting. She is a current Vanier Scholar, and Ph.D. Candidate with 20 years of professional experience working with organizations, communities, and governments in Canada, Ethiopia, and Vanuatu.

With a background in Anthropology and her ability to respect diversity of thought, Sandra is able to conduct authentic stakeholder engagement and comprehensive research. She has extensive experience researching the socio-economic impacts of energy development on communities and regions, as well as rural/international community development, leadership, and livelihoods.  

Currently, Sandra is the Project Consultant for the Southeast Alberta Energy Diversification Strategy (SEEDS) group (www.seedsalberta.ca). As an independent research consultant, she works with municipalities and organizations to help them better understand the socio-economic impacts of energy projects. She is also involved in municipal projects promoting energy literacy. Sandra’s Ph.D. research focuses on the socioeconomic impacts of the petroleum and natural gas industry on rural communities in the Prairies.   
Areas of expertise include: 
  • Campaign management; 
  • Cultural anthropology; 
  • Cultural ecology; 
  • Economic development; 
  • Energy (oil, gas, renewable energy); 
  • International development; 
  • Labour market information (LMI); 
  • Leadership development; 
  • Livelihoods program development; 
  • Mediation; 
  • Monitoring and evaluation; 
  • Organizational development and management; 
  • Project and program management; 
  • Proposal and speech writing; 
  • Public relations and communications; 
  • Quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis; 
  • Research; 
  • Rural community development; 
  • Small and micro enterprise (SME) development; and 
  • Strategic planning.

Sandra Moore (2nd from right in back row) and colleagues from SE Alberta, with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, Alberta Energy and Environment Ministers, and CEOs representing the three southern Alberta renewable energy companies awarded projects in Alberta's first round of the Renewable Electricity Program (REP) announced December 13, 2017 in Calgary.

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